My Personal Projects

  • TFS Comments Notification

    A Visual Studio Extension that helps with TFS code reviews.

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  • Remote Shutdown Manager

    Remote Shutdown Manager is a windows application, which gives an ability to shutdown, suspend or hibernate PC using HTTP GET request.

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  • Visual Studio NUnit Project Template

    This is a Visual Studio NUnit Test Project Template. It adds new project type "NUnit Test Project" to Visual C# > Test category.

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  • Debug Attach Manager 2013

    Features wise, the same extension as below adapted for Visual Studio 2013

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  • Debug Attach Manager 2012

    Features wise, the same extension as below adapted for Visual Studio 2012.

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  • Debug Attach Manager

    This extension gives you ability to search for processes and then attach to them. It automatically saves selected processes between Visual Studio restarts. You can easily find apppool specific processes and attach to them. Extension has attach shortcut key, by default it is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F5. You can attach to multiple processes at once. If you are web developer then you must have it.

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  • Convert2HTML Notepad++ Plugin

    Notepad++ plugin that converts plain code into syntax highlighted HTML

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  • Windows Service Monitor

    Windows service monitor is a little utility represented by icon in a windows system tray. The icon has different colors based on status of monitored windows services. You can monitor start / stop any windows services e.g sqlserver. This program is simplified version of services.msc.

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  • Google Chrome Video Links Extension

    Popup Youtube, IMDB, Vimeo and Twitvid links in new window with just a video player. Video player window can be resized to scale video. Works with online chats that post links dynamically, for example CampFire from 37 Signals. Cntrl-Click to open link regular way.

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  • Panic Key Monitor

    Panic Key Monitor is a program that monitors presence of usb flash drive with secret key. If flash drive is removed and no pin code was entered then Panic Key Monitor executes custom batch file. It is developed using VB.NET, Windows Services, WPF, WCF.

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  • KReminder

    KReminder is outlook add-on, which sends reminders by email if they are not dismissed by user in specified amount of time. You can select different cell phone carriers such as T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and etc or regular email.

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  • ASP.NET Color Picker Web Server Control

    Color Picker is ASP.NET Web Server Control with rich javascript interface.

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