Google Home condo automation, Part 2 IFTTT


Google Assistant can be directly integrated with a variety of devices and services. However, it is not always convenient to say something like "Ok Google, ask Harmony to turn TV on", Luckily Google has shortcuts, so you can assign a short command and say something like "Ok Google, turn TV on". Lately, Google even added an ability to add up to two commands to one shortcut. Unfortunately with works only for basic scenarios. Here are some advanced scenarios that it is not possible to automate using built-in services:

  1. Add items to Google Keep shopping list
  2. Have nighttime scene (dimmed lights, the specific song playing with certain volume level)
  3. Skype parents
  4. Turn PC on/off

This is where IFTTT comes into a picture. IFTTT supports a lot of services and can be integrated with Google Assistant easily. IFTTT Platform has the ability to chain an unlimited number of services as well as ability to send HTTP requests. I used the ability to send HTTP requests to solve all of the above advanced scenarios. In a next part, I'll describe how I automated Google Keep scenario.

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