What are shortcuts for expand / collapse all regions in Visual Studio?

Regions in code break up a code and make it easy to look thru.

CTRL+M CTRL+M (that’s two key presses!) - collapse/open the current parent region

CTRL+M CTRL+L - Collapse/Open all regions in the document recursively (meaning you might get only one line in the document - one big namespace region which is collapsed or you’ll see the entire page code uncollapsed

CTRL+M CTRL+O - Collapse all regions not recursively

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This i use in shortcut in my software to user frendly

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CTRL + M and CTRL + L doesn’t work like that for me in vs2008. It just opens the “namespace” region, not the nested regions.
Very strange. Just tried for myself. It works.

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Its gonna help all, very nice. post new ideas too, some about snippets and all

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Hi All,

Just press ‘CTRL’ + ’m’ then while holding CTRL press ‘o’ this will collapse all subs etc. It will not collapse the Class itself. Also Look at Using Region “???” End Region, this is great for tiding code.

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Posted on 7/18/2010 05:27:40 PM by Keith Ray

This is a little old but

VBNET 2010

Ctrl+m + Ctrl+m collapses everything

Ctrl+m + Ctrl+o collapses everything except class

Ctrl+m + Ctrl+L opens everything

Ctrl+m + Ctrl l opens everything

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Actually… i’d be far more interested in how to disable this feature all together. It causes so many problems. When you enter a file, unless you know specifically what you need to change and the change is small… It might help. But if you have to search, have any questions, or do any general editing. You have to waist your time expanding all these regions somebody thought was a good idea to put in. It’s incredibly irritating.
This is why there is a shortcut to expand them all :-).

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CTRL + M P will expand all and CTRL + M O will collapse all the reagions/function code blocks.

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If you want to permanently disable regions. Go to the Tools->Options menu. Go to Text Editor->C#->Advanced. Uncheck “Enter outlining mode when files open”.

That will disable all outlining, including regions, for all c# code files.

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As I hate comments/regions, I’ve disabled regions as was advices above and used CodeRush to paint xml comments and regions text using white color, therefore they became invisible on screen :) Thank you for advice of disabling regions!

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ctrl+M+P will open all the regions in the code of visual studio

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Anybody knows how to expand regions of all documents in a project, not just a document?

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WOW, many thanks for that shortcut! One of the most anoying things is that VS.NET is configured to open all files by default with all segments expanded - so if oyu are working with large projects this may be a PITA…




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CTRL+M CTRL+O - Collapse all regions not recursively

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Correction: CTRL + M, CTRL + L does not work anymore.

You can use CTRL + M, CTRL + P instead to expand all regions.

CTRL+M, CTRL+L still works for me in VS2010 + Resharper 7

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When I write a code inside the region and collapse it..after to it If would be searching the some text which is inside the region its showing zero (0) results,it seems visual studio doesn’t search text inside collapsed region ..is there any trick to enable that search
I just tried, Visual Studio 2012 searches text in collapsed region. I guess a trick is to upgrade to VS2012 or VS2013 :-).

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