ServiceReferences.ClientConfig is empty

Currently, I am working on some Silverlight 3 involved projects. As you probably know Silverlight uses WCF web services for data retrieval.

So, as usual, I created WCF service in Silverlight hosting application, compiled and added a service reference to Silverlight project. Usually, the wizard creates ServiceReferences. ClientConfig and populates it with bindings settings. However, it didn’t happen this time. ServiceReferences.ClientConfig was empty. I tried different things and created a project from scratch. Tried vb.net, c#. Nothing helped, ServiceReferences.ClientConfig was empty all the time. I remember that it worked this way before. Recently I did some WPF coding with some custom TCP/IP based bindings. Apparently, it somehow affected the default settings for WCF services. So, the solution was very simple:

In your Silverlight hosting application web.config replace default binding binding="wsHttpBinding" with binding="basicHttpBinding".

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Posted on 12/16/2009 05:46:51 AM by Jon

Thanks! I couldn’t figure out why the clientconfig was not being generated!

Posted on 2/15/2011 04:25:34 AM by Stagounet

Thx got the problem =p

Posted on 5/20/2011 07:03:29 PM by Chris Trynkiewicz

Dude, I was looking for a solution to this for a couple of hours. THANKS!!!

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You saved my time, thanks a lot

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Thanks !!!! I lost 2 hours because of that !!

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I exposed an operation related to Bitmap for which I recieved gthe same error. It resolved when I covered it. i dont know why?

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You saved me a lot of time Thx

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thank you so much.